The Madresfield Court Portrait

The Madresfield Court Portrait

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For J. Stephan Edwards's assessment of the Madresfield Court Portrait, see p. 136-139 of his book A Queen of a New Invention.

Jacoba Hertogin van Beyeren, Gravin van Holland


Flemish, Dutch

After Ambroisius Benson

Published by Johannes Enschedé

Print made by Jacob Folkema

Intermediary draughtsman Tako Hajo Jelgersma

After Jan Mostaert (formerly attributed)

The British Museum



Portrait of Jacoba of Bavaria, half-length turned to left, her hands clasped in prayer, wearing a veil; in an arch with pierced burning heart and pigeons in top corners; scene with her marriage below; lettered state; after Ambrosius Benson. 1753 Engraving.

According to Portraits | Female Royalty | Engravings | From Heatons the engraving is «A pair to the portrait of her fourth husband, After the painting in the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp, Painted by Ambroisius Benson»

Dame Regina